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Handbag essentials- the top types that are must haves in your wardrobe

Finding a suitable bag for every use is not always easy. There are many different designs to choose from. One of the best ways to ensure you have bags for every occasion is shop universally flattering bags. The essential bags in your collections should be chosen carefully.

Finding the right handbag for your various needs is not always very easy. There are so many different varieties to choose from and believe it or not- all the different designs have different names and they are meant for different purpose as well. the variety of designer boutiques which stock handbags and are also known for their signature bags can provide you with a number of choices and you would surely have a hard time to settle for a single bag or a couple at most. To limit your shopping for handbags to a few, here we are going to provide you with a list of essential designs which you can shop for and must have in your collection.


These are very practically designed handbags which you must invest in. meant for heavy usage, these bags are very spacious and suitable when you are going for shopping or need to fit in a lot of items. They are double handled bags with a large inside and do not have any closing mechanism. They are available in variety of designs and getting a colourful can perk up your shopping trips immensely.

Sling bags

These are small side bags which can also be used as handbags or clutches when you remove the sling. The bag is more suitable when you do not have much to carry and wish to keep your luggage to the bare minimum. These are suitable for work as well as parties depending on the design that you choose to buy. Cheap Gucci bags have various options for sling bags to choose from.

Courier bags

Perfect for college students, courier bags are designed for ensuring that you get maximum use out of the bag. These kinds of bags are made very tough and are made to fit large books in particular. The contents of the bag are protected by a flap and the bag can be taken in your hand as well as on a single shoulder.

Baguette bags

The baguette is a perfect companion for the party goers. These bags are neither too big nor as small as a clutch. They can be taken as a handbag as well as a shoulder bag. The bag is longer on the two sides and shorter on top and bottom. It is perfect for keeping a few things that might be essential at a party or similar occasions.


Clutch or money purse is the most popular type of handbag every women invest in. the clutch is suitable for everyday use and the extremely handy size make it perfect for every users. The clutch is a must have in basic as well as a bling design. For more details visit: